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Argumentative Essays: Support Your Argument with Examples

Argumentative essays such written by paper writer in order to persuade people and to make them change sides. It can be done in two ways:  orally in the dispute and in writing an argumentative essay. Arguments can help you to reach success and feel more confident.


What is the best way to structure you speech? Right, the first step to improve your oral skills is to train the writing ones. Thus, it is necessary to write argumentative essays in order to feel more confident during oral debates.


The first thing that should be done on the way to a successful argumentative essay is a preliminary research.

You should write a thesis statement and develop it in the paper.

Each paragraph of the argumentative essay must begin with a topic sentence, which introduces the main idea of the paragraph. When a topic sentence gives a notion of the information discussed in the paragraph, the rest part of each paragraph presents supporting ideas or refutes them.


Thereby, you can include two arguments for the idea in the beginning and a refuted counterargument in the end or vice versa.

Each idea of the argumentative essay has to be supported in order to persuade the readers or opponents.


The topic of the argumentative essay must be written in order to introduce a topic for discussion. Thus, it cannot consist of facts only; it cannot be in the form of question; it must be narrow enough to discuss it within one argumentative essay. The topic of your argumentative essay must represent the clear idea about your personal opinion (for or against).


Consequently, the argumentative essay should be written in understandable language, which does not leave space for imagination and different assumptions. The argumentative essay from is the best way to learn the basic rules of debate.

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