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"L'Invalide" Luminario Ballet 2021 May 3

L’Invalide A dance film by Judith FLEX Helle and Luminario Ballet

Length: 12 minutes

Alice in Wonderland Meets Dracula Meets the Wilis from Giselle

The fevered covid dream story of
“L’INVALIDE” length: 12 minutes
Our darling Invalid, Juliette, is at the hospital, where she is being treated for her desperate illness. She is forced by her parents and the medical staff to take experimental medications, they hope it will cure her; and the side effects cause her to hallucinate wildly, and slip into a coma. While unconscious, she dreams vividly of being menaced by sensual vampires, who then devour her. Alas, during her vampire coma dream, she dies. She returns as a ghost, surrounded by other, helpful and loving ghosts, who although they themselves are trapped in an endless loop of haunting between worlds, help her ascend to the heavens, where she will be at peace.


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Written by Judith Flex Helle

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