BalletBoyz Artistic Directors Michael Nunn & William Trevitt

When we first come upon Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, Royal Ballet former principals and international ballet stars of their time, they’re hovering on a scaffold, frosting the skylights of their office. We meet them again later in trackies and clutching mugs of tea, looking more like builders than ballet stars.

While that’s an illusion a quick triple pirouette would knock out of you, it’s not such an unlikely image. Michael and Billy made names for themselves outside dance in their first documentary, a behind the scenes glimpse of their Royal Ballet lives from two more chummy, down to earth voices than had ever come so loudly out of that institution.

On stage at the Royal, they were suitably noticed, but it was in a partnership that they really shone. Individually talented, together they were remarkable, an almost sixth sense running between them to spectacular effect.

They may have hung up their own dance shoes, but they remain two of the busiest men in ballet, now channelling and translating their remarkable connection into a group of 10 young men 


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