In this documentary, discover how five of the world's top ballet dancers face their struggle from ballerina to motherhood. Length: 30 min

About this Documentary
Across the globe, professional ballet dancers face a constant struggle to perform at their highest possible level. But what happens when the road to principal dancer intersects with the road to motherhood?

In this short documentary, get a firsthand look at how 5 of the world’s leading principal dancers juggle the pressures of ballet and pregnancy, finding the path from ballerina to ballerina mother.

Supported by researched statistics and personalized interviews, they share the journey of becoming pregnant, giving birth and returning to the stage through the lens of a modern day dancer.

Featured Dancers are
Léonore Baulac (Paris Opera Ballet)
Polina Semionova (State Ballet Berlin)
Mathilde Froustey (San Fransisco Ballet)
Anna Ol (Dutch National Ballet)
Iana Salenko (Staatsballett Berlin)